Wooden reels

Reels are tools consisting of a central cylinder with two discs, one at each end, designed to have flexible materials wound around them. Reels are mostly used to store and move cables and wires, like electrical wires but also wire ropes and cords. Their dimensions vary depending on their specific use and corresponding requirements. Whilst they can be made from various materials, the most common are wooden reels.

Imballi Legno - FC Cables
Imballi Legno - FC Cables

Wooden reels: product description

Wooden reels stand out for the material they are made from because it is easy to process, allowing for different solutions to suit all kinds of needs. A wooden reel for electrical cables can be made from natural wood, like pine or birch, which do not require plant protection treatments, or from plywood – the choice depends on the size and destination of the end product.

Even when it comes to dimensions, wooden reels for electrical cables can vary in size considerable, based on the type of wire being wound up. Reels can range from a diameter of around 60cm to two metres, with the larger reels being used used primarily in industrialplants or situations where large quantities of electrical cables are required and would otherwise be very difficult to move or handle.


Wooden reel capacity table: