Pallet of electrical cables

A pallet is simply a wooden or iron structure made to act as a support base for transporting all kinds of goods. Their structure is designed to be extremely solid and withstand heavy weights, at the same time allowing access for forklift truck forks to lift the whole load without many issues.

These days, goods are almost always shipped on pallets because it makes transport much safer for both the operators and the products being loaded, as they are less exposed to the risk of damage and because the organisation of shipments is substantially simpler than it was in the past.

There are two standards currently in use in Europe, identified with the acronym EUR, which measure 80×120 or 100×120 but are the same height from the ground and have a base consisting of 9 feet in groups of 3, which can be accessed by the forklift from each side.

Pallet - FC Cables

Pallets for packaging

To protect goods optimally against external agents and the risk of falls and tipping, once the packages are loaded onto the pallets, they are generally covered with an extendible film around multiple layers. Using protection for the edges and interleaves between the various layers of packaging makes transport even safer and the goods can reach their destination in perfect condition, with no kind of external or internal damage.

The film can be applied manually but it is more efficient to use wrapping machines as they save time and reduce the margin of error.

Types of pallets for packaging

Pallets for packaging can be made from various materials but the most common are wood and iron. Wooden pallets are very solid and quite cheap compared to other types, which is why the majority of goods are transported on these pallets. However, in some specific cases, it may be preferable to opt for other solutions, like iron.

Iron pallets are more resistant and durable and offer greater protection against the risk of fire. These are all reasons why for some heavier or more hazardous product categories, it is better to invest more money in metal structures.