Electrical cable bundles

When buying electrical cables for domestic and industrial systems, bundles are often used, i.e. coils of wire wound neatly around each other ready to be laid. Electrical cable bundles are available in various materials, such as PVC, fabric and especially copper and coated copper bundles, which allow good electrical conductivity and high levels of safety.

Each electrical cable bundle must meet precise criteria and be certified for its insulation and conductivity properties, which allow for highly efficient use without risk.

Choosing electrical wire bundles from dubious sources can lead to malfunctions and shutdowns, as well as the risk of damage to the system and fires, for example when they are laid in damp environments or in the presence of water.

Electrical cable bundles: uses

Electrical cable bundles can be used in various situations that require electricity to be transported from one point to another. Their presence in civil and industrial buildings is therefore necessary for the use of appliances, lighting systems and all other electrical equipment.

Some Electrical wires are used inside systems to carry the electrical current to domestic power sockets or lighting devices but also to move electronically controlled gates and barriers or to operate industrial machines that perform various types of production activities using electricity.

The choice of product type obviously varies according to how it will be used so it is important to make sure you are well aware of the characteristics of the different electrical wires, avoiding a “do-it-yourself” approach for a type of work where safety and efficiency are fundamental.

For example, electrical cable bundles differ by colour (black and brown for phase conductors, blue for neutral conductors and yellow-green for ground), by number of cores and by performance – all parameters that only experts are in a position to assess properly.